670 Self Cleaning - 6 Person Hot Tub

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As one of Hydropool’s most popular self-cleaning spas, the spacious Self Cleaning 670 6 person hot tub has five dedicated seats plus an ergonomically designed no-float lounger. It even features a swivel seat which can be used as an additional lounger.

With fully controllable jets, you can control your massage and create the ideal hydrotherapy experience for you. You can even select the perfect number of jets, as this hot tub comes in the Gold model (35 jets) or the Platinum model (50 jets).

As with all of Hydropool’s self-cleaning hot tubs, the 670 can clean all of your hot tub’s water in 15 quick minutes. Its easy to use automatic dosing system will reduce your maintenance time even more.

This hot tub comes in a large selection of colors and features so you can customize it to your personal style.

670 Self Cleaning – 6 Person Hot Tub

Product Features

  • Seats:
    Up to 6 Adults
  • Dimensions:
    84″ x 84″ x 39″
  • Weight (Full):
    4090 lbs / 1742 kgs
  • Weight (Empty):
    840 lbs / 381 kgs
  • Jets (Gold Series):
  • Jets (Platinum Series):
  • Volume:
    353 Gal / 1340L
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Save up to $4,500 on a Hot Tub!
Offer ends Aug 1st