Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

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Over two decades ago, Keiser decided to raise the bar and design an indoor bike that would exceed all the demands of indoor group cycling. The result? An innovative machine that expertly fit riders of all body shapes and sizes, that delivered a true road experience in the comfort of your own home and that was whisper quiet. The M3i indoor bike was built with the ‘Simplest of Engineering Designs’ and with the highest quality control.

Designed for You

Whether you are the rider, the gym owner or the service technician, the M3i was designed around you. Discover M3i’s top game-changing features:

  • V-shape frame to accommodate all riders of all shapes and sizes
  • Protection from sweat and corrosion with rear-wheel design
  • Delivers greater repeatability and reduced wear with magnetic-resistance technology
  • Quiet, durable and easily maintained single-belt drive train
  • Featuring the famous Keiser Bike Pedal upgraded and re-designed
  • Bluetooth® wireless signal for open API for smartphones or tablets

Everything You Need on a Single Screen

The M3i innovative console displays everything you need to know and is a perfect size. Featuring a back-lit display that will stay on when the room light drops, all your data is at your fingertips including RPM, Heart Rate, Elapsed Time, Gear & Trip Distance, Power & Energy and more.

The Revolutionary Keiser M Series Bike Pedal

Push past industry limits with the game-changing Keiser bike pedal. Innovative down to the smallest detail, our new pedal features:

  • Pedal design that is cage integrates
  • Secure and simple foot placement with ramped bards
  • Curved design eliminates pressure points on rider’s foot


Keiser M3i Indoor Bike


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Height: 45″ / 1143 mm
Width: 26″ / 660 mm
Length: 49″ / 1245 mm
Weight: 85 lbs / 38.56 kg


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Automatic backlit digital display
  • V-shape frame and handlebar combo to accommodate all riders
  • Rust-resistant design includes stainless steel hardware and rear flywheel
  • Revolutionary re-designed Keiser Bike Pedal
  • Quiet, low-maintenance magnetic-resistance belt-drive system
  • Magnetic resistance delivers road-bike experience and ensures a smooth ride
  • Lightweight and superior ease of transport
  • With more than 300,000 M Series bikes sold, there’s no more proven bike worldwide
  • Robust adjustment knobs require less maintenance than cam-lock
  • Four-way adjustable seat
  • Water bottle holder
  • Keiser Education and Certifications available
  • Includes a standard media holder and stretch pads

Download This Month’s Promotions and Save!
Offer ends Jul 25th