670 Self Cleaning - 6 Person Hot Tub

Featuring a comfortable long lounger and a great leg massage so you can stretch out.
JetsGold 35 Platinum 50
Seating Design6 Person With Lounger
Energy Efficiency
Starting From$16,595.00

The Self Cleaning Collection Difference

As one of Hydropool’s most popular self-cleaning spas, the spacious Self Cleaning 670 6 person hot tub has five dedicated seats plus an ergonomically designed no-float lounger. It even features a swivel seat which can be used as an additional lounger.

With fully controllable jets, you can control your massage and create the ideal hydrotherapy experience for you. You can even select the perfect number of jets, as this hot tub comes in the Gold model (35 jets) or the Platinum model (50 jets).

As with all of Hydropool’s self-cleaning hot tubs, the 670 can clean all of your hot tub’s water in 15 quick minutes. Its easy-to-use automatic dosing system will reduce your maintenance time even more.

This hot tub comes in a large selection of colors and features so you can customize it to your personal style.

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Signature Self-Cleaning Options and Features

  • Hydrowise

    HydroWise Thermal Shield System Hydropool hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy-efficient swim spa in the world, providing 100˚F / 37˚C for pennies a day!

  • Self Clean Video

    Hydropool Self Cleaning System Hydropool spas filter 100% of the water every 15 minutes and are the most energy-efficient filtration system in the world!

  • Pure water system

    Hydropool Pure Water System Hydropool Pure Water System is the smartest safest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to keep your water safe and perfectly clear!

  • Hydrother video

    Automated Hydrotherapy Program Hydropool platinum model includes our Hydrother control, the world's only pre-programmed automated massage programs such as Leg Pain & Back Pain, Headache & Insomnia, Stress Relief, and Sports Recovery.

  • Options

    Optional Upgrades Hydropool offers optional upgrades to enhance your experience, including the Tranquility Package, Northern Falls Package, Chromatherapy package & Southern Lighting.

  • How its made video

    How They're Made The Hydropool line is manufactured in Mississauga Ontario Canada by experienced designers and engineers, ensuring that we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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670 Self Cleaning - 6 Person Hot Tub Benefits and Features

Specifications670 Self Cleaning - 6 Person Hot Tub Details
Dimensions84” x 84”/213 cm x 213 cm
Height39”/99 cm
Volume305 Gal / 1161 L
Weight Full3353 lbs / 1521 kgs
Seating5 - 6 Person
HydroClean Filtration PumpYes
Jet PumpsGold Model 1 Pump / Platinum Model 2 Pumps
Water FallsOptional Northern Falls Package
Total Therapy JetsGold 35 / Platinum 50
Automated Wellness ProgramYes
Pure Water SystemOptional
Ez-Pure OzoneOptional
Hydro Sequence MassageOptional
Tranquility PackageOptional
HydropFlex Air TherapyOptional Hydrotherapy Package
Northern Falls PackageOptional
Chromotherapy PackageOptional
Hydropool Surround SoundOptional
I-Command WifiOptional
Southern LightsOptional
Warranty10/5/3 Year Limited

Owners Manuals

Owners manuals

Whether you looking at purchasing or you are an existing owner, This manual will provide you with a better understanding of the product. Download the Owners Manual for more detailed specifications, installation instructions, and electrical specifications and connection requirements

Hot Tub Collection Brochure

Hot tub brochure

Every Hydropol Hot Tub and Swim Spa is designed to exceed your expectations with superior ergonomic design, and a 10-year structural guarantee. Whet your appetite for supreme luxury with a little light reading. Download the latest Brochure here to help choose the model which is right for you.

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Download Brochure

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Buyer's Guide

Hot tub buyers guide

Whether it’s staying active, defying stress, or combating pain, your Hydropool can and will help you be your best self. Go a little deeper into the specs, and explore all the features and conditioning benefits of our World’s Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs. Jump in with Hydropool The Water is Calling.

Download Buyer's Guide

Download Buyer's Guide

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670 Self Cleaning – 6 Person Hot Tub