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ExclusiveSoft Stride Non-Slip Mats
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The AquaTrainer Collection

  • 13 FFP

    13 FFP AquaPlay Swim Spa 9

    IF YOUR INNER CHILD WANTS OUT, IT’S TIME TO PLAY. The AquaPlay Swim Spa is the perfect mini pool for family fun.



The AquaTrainer Collection

Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning AquaTrainer Swim Spas are among the most elite swim spas on the market. They offer all the perks of a swimming pool with the added benefits of an affordable price, compact size, and little maintenance. With sizes ranging from 14 to 19 feet, you can choose the perfect sized swim spa for your outdoor space.

The AquaTrainer also has the industry’s best jet system. Adjustable, high-performance, wide stream jets offer a variety of training options while an additional core stream jet creates the smoothest swim possible. With total control of the swim jets, you can create the perfect training environment or just take a leisurely paddle.

The AquaTrainer’s cutting-edge digital current control and energy-efficient, self-cleaning technology make it easy to use. This highly customizable option also drastically cuts your maintenance time so you can focus on what matters most in your life.

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Why Buy A Hydropool Family Fun Pool

The AquaPlay Swim Spa is the perfect mini pool for family fun.

Wellness Zone Massage Programmes

Through our understanding of Zone Hydrotherapy and ergonomics of the human body, Hydropool has taken the science of immersion to the next level. This constant innovation has created a line of hot tubs that allows them to interact with the human body in the most natural and effective way possible with the introduction of Zone Therapy. Hydropool Zone Therapy is designed around you and your usage of the hot tub to help you benefit from a general sense of well-being. We are all unique individuals genetically and with varying lifestyles that all play a role in defining our sensitivity to a release of various tensions.

  • TYPE OF JETS: The type of jet is crucial to a proper massage. Our E-55 jet is designed purposely for a deep tissue massage and our E-40 Jet is designed for a gentle massage.
  • JET PLACEMENT: Our hydrotherapy jets are specifically designed for each zone so that the superior benefits of hydrotherapy are achieved. Our different jet patterns are designed to work with different muscle groups.
  • SEATING DESIGNED AROUND YOU: Designed to work with your bodys natural structure and functions to provide maximum comfort and functionality. Our ergonomic seats support the skeletal structure so that the muscular system does not have to; it removes stress from muscles and joints so that the body relaxes.
  • DURATION IN SEAT: The last component of Zone Therapy is the duration of time that a person spends in each seat (Zone) of the hot tub. The duration in the seat combined with the sequence of seats is critical to the performance of the Zone Therapy.

We don’t take the power of water lightly and to us, it’s a precious commodity so we’ve gone out of our way to create the most efficient water purification system in the world. The PureWater System is the most efficient water purification system in the world! It combines UV and Ozone Water treatments, eliminating 99% of all contaminants.


  1. Micro Cell Ozone Purification: The water in your hot tub continuously passes through the patented MicroCell that treats it with Ozone, which is nature’s oxidizer. This simple, but highly effective rapid oxidation process reduces chemical usage by More than 50%.
  2. Exposure to UVC Light: The Ozone treated water then passes through an ultraviolet light Chamber exposing it to a high volume of UVC light, purifying it even further. This combination of advanced purification using UV and Ozone creates active oxygen in the PureWater System which removes any Calcium and Biofilm inside pipes. All of this reduces the need to shock your hot tub water as the PureWater System eliminates 99% of all contaminants. Our PureWater system is on when your hot tub is circulating and our Quick Diagnostics shows everything is in working order. That means it’s time to sit back and let the Hydropool PureWater System do its work.

Hydropool’s PureWater System Keeps Water Pure

Nature’s Most Powerful Oxidizer

EZ Ulta PureOzone Ozone has existed on Earth for as long as oxygen has been here- about 500 million years. It has existed in our universe for billions of years. Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilizers in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odours. Ozone can be found quite readily in nature and occurs from lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. Lightning is nature’s air purifier. That “fresh, clean, after-the-rain” smell that we notice after a storm results from nature’s creation of ozone.

Hydropool’s Ez Ultra PureOzone System brings nature into your hot tub reducing your water maintenance you can spend more time relaxing surrounded by clean fresh water.

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Executive Collection

The Executive Collection

The all-new Executive Series Swim Spa is the perfect combination of a hot tub, swim spa and aquatic gym all-in-one unit that allows users to completely personalize and control their swim environment. Featuring two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats, the Executive Series Self-Cleaning Swim Spa is designed to provide a better volume, less turbulent and more predictable swim.

Aquatic Collection

The Aquatic Collection

The AquaSport comes at an affordable price and its outstanding jet system creates an exceptionally buoyant and smooth swim. It functions as a complete and versatile aquatic gym and recreation center for your family all year round.