PatentedV-Twin Jet Technology
ExclusiveVFX Variable Speed Pumps
ExclusiveTreadmill Technology
Energy Efficiency5 Stars
Starting Price Range$42,595.00 - $59,895.00

The Executive Collection

  • 16ft Executive Sport Swim Spa

    16 EX Executive Sport Swim Spa 2

    The 16 Executive Sport delivers all the fitness and fun of our 14’ AquaSport models, plus extra room workout.



  • 16ft Executive Trainer Swim Spa

    16 EX Executive Trainer Swim Spa 2

    The 16EX Trainer features the smoothest, most predictable current providing the best swim of any swim spa on the market.



  • 19ft Executive Sport Swim Spa

    19 EX Executive Sport Swim Spa 2

    Enjoy Total Body Fitness & Fun. The 19EX Sport’s hydromassage seats let you relax after a tough workout.



  • 19ft Executive Trainer Swim Spa

    19 EX Executive Trainer Swim Spa 2

    The 19EX features Our patented Current Collector and V-Twin Jets come standard, giving you the best swim in the industry.



The Executive Collection

The all-new Executive Series Swim Spa is the perfect combination of a hot tub, swim spa and aquatic gym all-in-one unit that allows users to completely personalize and control their swim environment. Featuring two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats, the Executive Series Self-Cleaning Swim Spa is designed to provide a better volume, less turbulent and more predictable swim. Packed with fabulous features and with many luxurious add-ons to truly customize your unit, the Hydropool Executive Swim Spa is the ideal family pool. Plus, it currently has the largest swim tank available on the market, meaning more space to swim, jog, exercise or relax.

Whether you are an advanced athlete or just enjoy a leisurely swim, the Executive Series Swim Spa allows you to customize and take control of your swim or training program with the ability to simultaneously adjust the speed of each twin jet from 0-10 mph. The patented current collector technology eliminates turbulence created by any diversion of water, allowing you to solely focus on your swim experience.

The tapered shell design forces water towards the back of the swim spa and lets water flow unobstructed towards the current collector. Featuring patented twin jets, The Executive Series Swim Spa delivers the smoothest and most predictable swim current in the entire industry. Fully programmable, advanced training options and powerful currents ensure that your workout will always be challenging. The smooth, controlled swim environment is perfect for teaching children how to swim and can be enjoyed by your family year round.

When you choose a Hydropool swim spa, you can rest assured that you’re choosing reliable, world-renowned quality. Even better, their superior self-cleaning swim spas require little to no maintenance, meaning more time for you and your family to enjoy.

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Why Buy An Executive Swim Spa

    This swim spa has two 5hp VFX Pumps and one 4 hp Buoyancy Pump all located under the Executive Trainer’s swim jets. Producing the strongest, most predictable swim current in the industry.
  2. Patented Swim Jet Technology PATENTED V-TWIN SWIM JETS Provide the widest, smoothest and most predictable swim current in the swim spa industry. The unique V-Twin technology supercharges the swim current and generates over 1,400 gallons per minute, the highest volume of water in the industry.
  3. Fully Programmable TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SWIM WITH THE VFX SWIM CONTROL Has the ability to simultaneously adjust the speed of both V-Twin Jets from 0 – 11 kph (0 – 6.84 mph) and can be adjusted for anyone from a novice level to a triathlete. It’s the first swim spa with built-in treadmill technology that can track your speed, distance, time training and calories burned.
  4. Streamlined Shell Design EUROPEAN DESIGN The shell has little to no obstructions allowing water to flow towards the current collector unobstructed and is tapered to force water towards the current collector at the back of the swim spa.
  5. Turbulence-Free PATENTED CURRENT COLLECTOR TECHNOLOGY All of the water that is produced from the V-Twin jets and buoyancy jet is pushed towards the patented Current Collector. This eliminates the possibility of any reflective wave occurring and eliminates turbulence created by any diversion of the water. Functioning like a conveyor belt, the “Throw and Catch” further eliminates turbulence.
  6. FORM® Swim Goggles THE SWIM COACH THAT SWIMS WITH YOU! It’s like having your Fitness Coach swim with you. FORM Smart Swim Goggles with their optical display shows you your time, distance and pace in real-time metrics. Thus allowing you to measure, track and customize your workouts on the app.

The World’s Only Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

We know that one of the big challenges for our customers is the time they need to invest in maintenance. Now, with our patented Self-cleaning technology, Hydropool has created the world’s easiest Swim Spa to maintain. The Self-Cleaning System cleans 100% of the water in only 40 minutes, that’s an incredible 36 times in 24 hours! The design of our seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water, pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer and boosting the efficiency of our Self-Cleaning system. The wide mouth skimmer and pre-filter remove floating debris and oils, preventing clogging of the pump and heater, and increases filtration by moving debris into the pre-filter, extending micro-filter cleaning cycles. The Hydroclean Floor Vacuum pulls debris across the floor and helps to effectively circulate water care products. There’s virtually no need to vacuum the hot tub as heavy contamination such as dirt and grit is removed. Let’s be clear, this is not a simple vacuum for your hot tub, it’s innovation throughout the entire system.

The Perfect Swim Guaranteed!

The patented V-Twin jet technology supercharges the swim current, producing over 1,400 gallons per minute. The highest volume in the industry and produces a wider, deeper and smoother current more than any other swim system on the market. These swim jets are also backlit to light the swim current.

    Shredding the Vortex
    Pumps or propellers create a spinning vortex of water when travelling up a pipe to the jet. The V-Twin Jet is designed to organize and shred the vortex using the combination of our Current Collector and Swim Fins, creating a smooth swim.

    Doubling the volume of water
    The first “V” of the V-Twin jet accelerates the water. The second “V” then combines that water with the water drawn in from the swim gills to produce and amazing 1400 gallons of water. The highest volume of water in the industry.

Hydropool’s V-Twin Jet Technology

FORM® Swim Goggles – The Swim Coach That Swims With You!

It’s like having your Fitness Coach swim with you. FORM Smart Swim Goggles with their optical display shows you your time, distance and pace in real time metrics. Thus allowing you to measure, track and customize your workouts on the app.

FORM® Swim Goggles Wearable Technology:
The ability to track your swim is right in front of your eyes.

So how do our new FORM® Swim Goggles work?
These Swim Goggles were developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches; they are the only goggles built with a see-through real-time display that can be viewed by your left or the right eye, depending on your preference.

Bring even more purpose and meaning to your at-home swims with our connected Swim Spa experience and swim with our patented display and optics connected to your swim spa to see your real-time swim metrics like time and pace and analyze your calories burned.

Swim Smarter Train Harder!
FORM® Swim Goggles can show an array of metrics including your split times to your distance and have over 16 hours of swim time in their battery life.
So what does that mean for you the swimmer?

  1. It’s like having a fitness coach that swims with you.
  2. The optical display showing time, distance and pace.
  3. Provides real-time metrics.
  4. You can measure, track and customize your workouts through the app.

Shop Our Other Great Collections

Aquatic Collection

The Aquatic Collection

The ideal universal aquatic gym for the everyday athlete. The AquaSport series has a generous streamlined swim tank area and a flat ergonomically designed anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. Plus you can create the perfect training environment through personalized water temperature settings. The intensity of your workout is controlled by the speed of your movements and the velocity of the current. Additionally, the swim spa is a safe and easy environment in which to teach kids how to swim. It includes our patented aqua channel shell complete loop design, along with the slipstream swim jet technology to provide a smooth and comfortable swim current with no backsplash.

Play Collection

The Play Collection

The 12FFP AquaPlay Swim Spa will more than suit any active lifestyle. This model features two swim jets that mimic the natural resistance of water to help you get the most out of your swim or workout. The contoured seating and massaging jets offer built-in hydrotherapy and relaxation. The AquaPlay Swim Spa has a generous streamlined swim tank area with plenty of seating for the whole family. The swim tank floor has an anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness routines, jog in place, BoxFit or Aquatic Cross-Train for a great cardiovascular workout. You can swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, then relax in the contoured seating and enjoy a massage with the built-in hydrotherapy while the rest of the family plays on.